Skinny Pete and Badger

A fellow blogger friend recommended a new shop close to France. The shop stocks some familiar US treats; in particular the Stonewall Kitchen brand which I love.  But even more fabulous, she was offering a cranberry sauce.

Yes.  They sell cranberries here- I think. Yes. I could make my own.  But the Laura Ingalls Wilder routine is getting old.  I just want some things to be simple.  Like cranberry sauce.

So, I emailed the shop owner asking if she would ship to Switzerland because we are neighbors after all

Isn't that CRAZY?! I LIVE in Switzerland. FRANCE is around the corner. So is Germany, and ITALY (and Liechtenstien- but with a population of 35,000 which is the about the same as Willimantic and roughly the same square miles as Lebanon- does it really count?).

I suppose the people who live there would say it does. As would the Prince who governs the place.  Maybe I need a field trip. But this isn't about Liechtenstein- It's about me living in
SWITZERLAND-in case you forgot.
Switzerland is 90% perfect but that missing 10% is like...
Nachos without monterey jack cheese.
The Outer Banks of North Carolina without my grandparents.
The  Maine house without the all the cousins' height measurements written in the door frame to the kitchen.
Laura Ingalls Wilder without Almanzo.
Skinny Pete without Badger.
And turkey without cranberry sauce.
Some things just go together.


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