Folded and Creased

I think we have choices our whole life about how we are going to handle adversity.

It's like this...

1.  I think we are born a blank piece of paper (think I've mentioned this before).

Things are going along fine until...something isn't.  Maybe you got sick, maybe you divorced, lost your job, maybe you did something you're not proud of, maybe you moved to Switzerland, who knows. So you fold in half.  It feels like that sometimes, doesn't it?

2.  So now what do you do? You've been folded in half.  Kinda hurts.  Then you get used to being folded in half but just when you think you're getting used to begin to heal and you open up a bit but that crease? It's still there.  Kind of like a scar. Cool.

3. Then- wham!  Another unexpected hit. But this time you keep your head above water but tuck in.

4. Hey! Tuck in a little tighter. Make sure you tuck in both sides.  Keep the balance.

5. What happened? You were feeling balanced. Balanced I said! Until your feet were ripped right out from under you and you folded in half. Again.

6. But you don't like that feeling. Not this time. So kick back. Push your feet down. Ahhhh, That's better. At least you can see again and your feet aren't over your head.  Gaining perspective. 

7. But maybe if you just changed your point of view...  Hmmmm. Stretch. A good stretch always feels really good, right? Unfold a little. Keep going. There, that's right. 

8. Now look around.  Feel better?   You were creased, folded, unfolded, and tucked in. But you learned to stick your neck out again and you gained a new perspective.  Sure you have a few creases, it got kind of tight, and you were upside awhile there.

But did you look? Wasn't it worth it?

You could have done this...

You didn't it.

You did this.

It's all a matter of perspective.  Of course, your swan may look a little different than the other swans.  Mine was very Bridget Jones'ish. Popcorn stains and all.  You know, cause life is kind of messy. 
And wouldn't a blank piece of paper been really boring?


  1. Jen - just catching up with my emails, I loved this! What a great analogy!


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