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Loving Lo

It was move-in day at college. She was in and we were both exhausted. It was 102 degrees but we did it. I swear it was 83 degrees there at 4 a.m. I swiped my $8.00 parking ticket off my windshield, bought her lunch, got a Carolina cap for my collection, and then I left her standing in front of her dorm. It's was too late to start the drive back. I stayed in a hotel that night after deciding to leave in the morning. But talk about feeling conflicted. I was telling her the story recently about how after she was born I had postpartum depression. It took me awhile to feel like I bonded with her. When I had my son, I would have laid down on train tracks for him the minute after he was born. I expected the same intense reaction when she was born but it didn't happen like that. Then her toddler years came and she was so high energy and demanding and so smart, I often wondered out loud if I was the right mother for her. Like seriously, had there been a mix up? I had two other kids who were…

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