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The Importance of JLo. Yup. I just said that.

I loved her costume.  I loved Shakira’s costume. I didn’t find them offensive nor did I feel like "the kids should leave the room.” If my kids were in the same room, I would have pointed at JLo and said, “She’s in her 50’s, too.” Besides have you seen what the kids are watching on Netflix or Tiktok or Youtube or a million other places?  I’m not advocating for unfettered internet access- keep them off social media as long as you can.  But some of the shows they are watching are so good. They are good at laying all those things parents have a hard time talking about with their own kids right on the table.  They take these “things” and dissect them, hold them up to the light, and see how they apply to them in their own lives. And that’s not a bad thing. So JLo and Skakira doing what they do better than nearly anyone else on the planet? Everyone should stop and watch. And a hundred million of us did.  Except me. I was at work. I watched it the next morning.  Take what you wan

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