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Teenagers and One-Way Streets

I parked in front of the oral surgeon's office.  I gathered my things and got out of the car.  I got all the way to the office door before realizing my son wasn't trailing behind me. He was still sitting in the car.  I could see him taking off his sweatshirt and gathering up his own things but he was in slow motion which I very much understood.

I gave him a few more moments before I went to check him in.  When he joined me, he was upset and angry with me he'd forgotten his earbuds.  Music had been his plan to transport himself away- to wherever rappers hung out-while the surgeon did his thing.  But recently I've realized when he is at his worst, he is also at his most anxious. 
Earbuds or no earbuds, he was going in. The doctor assured the both of us he would be fine and well looked after.  I put in my own imaginary earbuds and opened the book I'd brought. How I hated handing over my children for things they surely would find painful or uncomfortable.  The first da…

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