Missing Diccon

I missed Diccon. By the time I was ready to cope with the day, it was 11:42 (it is Sunday after all ). 11:42 meant I missed the keynote speaker at a local fair for ex-pats. Diccon was the only reason I wanted to go, although there were lots of other events; a tag sale, ideas for getting involved locally, an organ player of local renown, and a demonstration on how to play Jass. Jass is a Swiss card game with rules so complex, unless you learned it on your grandmother's knee , there was no hope. I know that last little bit of information thanks to Diccon.

Diccon Bewes is a travel writer who wrote, "Swiss Watching" (among other titles). An international best seller, "Swiss Watching" deconstructs all things Swiss. As much as I like the book ( it has become to me what I suspect the "Guide to Safe Scouting" is for Boy Scouts; a portable, Swiss survival guide), objectively I wonder about its appeal beyond ex-pats living in Switzerland and the random kid who selected Switzerland for her Model UN project. I try to remain objective due to my newfound status of Diccon groupie. Incidentally, Diccon is English, I'm guessing about 35, and gay.

But I missed him. Now, how will I know if he was looking for me? Why would he be looking for me you ask? Because in a dark and emotional moment of failing to understand the (Swiss) events unfolding around me, I emailed him. I had no idea who else to email. There's no 211 for ex-pats. Just Diccon. He seems to be one of the few who have assimilated into Swiss culture with a sense of humor intact. My understanding is he has Swiss friends. Only the Swiss have Swiss friends.  

Probably just as well I wasn't there. I embarrass pretty easily.


Interested in learning more about Diccon and all things Swiss, here you go!







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