Edelweiss, Apple Stem Cells, and Glacier Water

It happened so fast, I was almost unaware it even happened but now I won't be able to forget it did.

It's sale month in Switzerland. I was convinced I'd never see a sale worth going out of my way for in Switzerland. Since I'd arrived in July, it seems no matter how diligently I shop, I was going to pay nearly full price for almost everything (if you're interested, full price here is double the US price most of the time). Occasionally, there's a token sale, 5 or 10% off. What's the fun in that?

But immediately after Christmas, sale signs began in earnest. Shop windows were cluttered with bold, red % signs. That's it- just the % symbol. That was all that was promised. I thought, I've seen that before. It's a ruse. This time though, it was for real.

An actual sale. I was willing to bite. I bought a few things- 50% off. Now, they have my attention. Picked up some Christmas items for next year. Then I realized Easter was just around the corner. Maybe I'd find a few trinkets for the kids' baskets.

Found myself lured into the expensive cosmetics sections. Lip glosses and perfumes. Perfect. Picked a few things up. Went to the register. As the young woman was bagging my purchases, she turned around to grab a few samples to add. She quickly but carefully chose which ones and placed them in the bag. I left happy.

When I got home, I went to hide the trinkets and that's when I saw them. Not perfume samples. Not a new shade of eyeshadow. Not miniature mascaras. Nope. What I saw said "Pro-Age Night Cream".
Night cream? To help stave off the aging process? This is what that 24 year old girl carefully selected? Not carefully enough I thought, miffed. I refused to look at it any more. Besides, the print was really tiny and I didn't have my glasses on nor was my 11 year old handy to read the small print for me.

A few days later, I'm putting on my makeup ( I've been trying a bit harder since) and a sample fell out of my make-up bag. Edelweiss. Huh? Edelweiss is in this cream. Interesting. I love the Swiss. I put my glasses on. Apple stem cells. Glacier water. I wonder how you harvest apple stem cells? Sounds intricate. I opened it. Smelled good...


That night I slathered it on my face. When I woke up, my face felt great. So soft. Tried it the next night, same result.

Then I thought, I bet this would be great on my feet...think I got the right samples after all. Woudn't have worn eyeshadow anyway.

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