I sent my son a text while he was at school. It was very important. I had news to share that only he would appreciate. Here's the text:

Why so exciting? Today some came in the mail. By the way, not one was broken. How 'bout that?!  I enjoy a pop tart (I confess to feeling a bit guilty as I ate one immediately after Pilates. All that good work undone). I was so excited to get a package addressed to me, I started clawing it open while driving. Very un-Swiss in the lack of restraint. Incidentally, Sam has declared "Pop-Tart Fridays".

My co-workers got together and sent me a care package. They filled it with all sorts of naughty treats.  Probably wasn't too difficult to decide what to put in because we've eaten lunch together for  years. I know who packs a meticulous lunch including milk in a cup with a lid, I know who forgets their lunch and brings in a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter, I would know exactly what to send the art teacher; a yogurt, some fruit, maybe a granola bar of some sort and string cheese, the English teacher- well, I would just follow behind her in the hot lunch line at the cafeteria at school to get something tasty.  Sometimes she brings in leftovers from home or her husband packs her lunch. Once he sent a month supply of Goldfish.  The social studies teacher? A frozen meal; she's taken up healthy eating and looks fabulous.  My partner is crime always packs some delicious looking leftover from the night before. If you want her recipe for kale and sausage soup, just ask.

We all have our routines. I know all about their husbands, babies, delivery stories, and fights with their in-laws.  We would rearrange yearly schedules to be able to make sure we could sit together. Many get together outside of school. Whether it's banding together to form a team to compete in a "Tough Mudder" or needing someone to cover your classes because daycare called and someone has a fever, there is a camaraderie that's hard to find and tough to beat. 

Bottom line, it didn't really matter what was in the package.  It was just really, really nice to be missed and know maybe you aren't quite as replaceable as you sometimes feel. I know my family made the right choice to come here despite the occasional hurtle.  But it's especially nice to know I have friends and family at home who are watching and rooting for us.

I'm so amazed some days at the level of support we've gotten while we've been here.  A box of Christmas greens from Virginia, a near daily text from my Dad asking what is going on that day, the extended family that has rallied offering long distance hugs and gems from their own international travel experiences, support for my kids from families of their friends. None of it has escaped me. None of it goes unwelcomed. I thank each of you for helping us in your own way. 

So sometimes, all my teacher/guidance counselor friends, when you've caught a kid texting, and they say it's their mother, it might be true. And... she probably had something very important to share.
Just so you know,


Original artwork by Lisa Lupacchino-Gilson


  1. Its been our pleasure to be there for you and your family. You took a bowl of lemons and made some damn good lemonade !! HUGS
    ps sometimes that child needs that little textoto remind them that they are loved or just because you are thinking of them and want them to know.


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