There are many things I anticipated having to learn here. Some have come as a complete surprise.

German. No surprise there. Swiss German-surprise!

McDonald's is here. No surprise. I was pretty sure I could run the place. I was wrong. Going through the drive-thru and having someone ask you what you'd like in German-surprise! Just really, really expected English... I tried to email corporate with my thoughts on that. It got complicated. Besides in a 2010 interview with World Radio Switzerland, Rhea Beltrani, supply chain director, had this to say:

“If a foreigner comes to a Swiss McDonald’s restaurant well maybe he’s gonna be surprised, but he will be surprised if he goes to the cinema, he will be surprised if he goes to any other kind of market, so he really has to get used to it.”
That was in response to why a Big Mac cost 12.50. It's 12.70ch  now but to be fair (?) that includes fries and a soda.

I abandoned the cause for an English speaking drive-thru. I've also abandoned going to McDonald's. 

Small refrigerators I knew about. Freezers the size of a shoe box- okay. Defrosting? Bad surprise. Bad. Bad. Bad.

I don't want to learn how. Never intended to learn how. But the freezer is getting smaller and smaller. So, we bought another one- not because it was shrinking but because it was too small to begin with really. It's inconvenient though. Outside, across a patio, through a door, through another door. It's too far, especially during inclement weather (and at night and in the morning). During the day when I'm here alone, I go as fast as possible.

Sometimes to get something out of the freezer, I bribe a child. They pick the item. Just make sure it's dinner'ish. Sam likes to be sure. And he hates this job. He will come back with a three days worth of dinner surprises. I'm okay with that.

There have also been some really nice surprises. Last week the girls and I went to see what pastry throwing was all about. Kids gathered underneath a local hotel balcony.  It seemed like every baker in Zug was standing on the balcony throwing oranges, rolls, and cookies into the crowd.  The sausages were a surprise. 

I wonder what's next? Surprise me.

For more information about Pastry Throwing and all things Swiss...


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