Jill's Story

Jill, a photographer, lost her mom very recently, and as she sat with her in her hospital room watching, counting the minutes they had left together, she took the same photo- not every day but often-of the view from her hospital window. The last photo was a black and white. Stark and lonely.


Her mother died a few days later. After her funeral, she shared the last song she played for her mother..."93 million miles".  Not the first time she let music speak for her.

And as she began to let her grief take over, the pictures she'd taken in those last few days began to seep out. She and her mom sharing a hug after another round of bad news, her mom's hands manicured and lovely but still. The endless bottles of pills that in the end mattered little. The tangle of IV drip bags. A confusing cocktail of who knew what. That is what cancer looked like to her.

So she documented it. Because this is what she does. She brought you with her. Down the hall. Past the curtains. And you found yourself in her private moments. Grief palpable. Confusion, impotence, anger, love. It's all there.

As is the picture of her mom holding her as a newborn. Her mother loving her into the world and Jill loving her mother out of this world.  One circle complete.

In the lonely weeks following the death of her mother, she began to organize her memories. Sorting through pictures of her mother, she couldn't believe the pictures she didn't have. She found only one recent photo of her and her mom and none of her mother, herself, and her own daughter. A void she can never fill.  Always the photographer, rarely the subject.

Jill wants to turn her sadness into a way to help others. She's offering a reduction in her normal portrait fees to help defray the expense so others can have that picture that she's missing.

Check out her website http://www.jelliottphotos.com/. Her work is beautiful. She's located in Connecticut.  She also has a public facebook page showcasing more of her photos... http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Jillian-Elliott-photography/155311427832800

Inside, outside, formal, informal, pets, baseball caps. Just go. She can take your picture reading a bedtime story to your son or daughter, maybe sharing breakfast or be there to document a family gathering.  Tell her your ideas.  Her pricing for this is flexible depending on what you'd like.  Drag your favorite people. You won't regret it.

A portion of her fees will also be donated to helping those struggling with cancer.


  1. Wow, I am glad you are my friend. It's more then just your way with words but your compassion and caring for your friend that shines throughout this blog. I wish Jill peace.

  2. You are proof that friendship has no boundaries for one can be anywhere and friendship true friendship will always be present.

  3. I knew from the first day I met Jill she was a very loving and compansionate women.
    Having lost my best friend and brother recently I feel all the feeling's Jill feels.
    Love ya Jill. Bill

  4. Wow..Jen!! That is such a beautifully written story of a very caring person, BY a very caring person. I will pass the word for Jill's website and I will be praying for her. You are definitely a sweetheart.


  5. Jill, how much I love, admire, am astonished and amused by, and proud of! I held you seconds after your entry into this world, and I must have realized at that moment what an incredible miracle I had in my hands. I look at the picture of ma's hands and immediately 55 years of memories come flooding my mind. I am blessed to have you as a daughter, and I count you as one of my best friends. I love you endlessly and unconditionally. Dad.


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