Washi what?

I met the South African Martha Stewart.  It's true. She's lovely. Who else can throw a Thursday morning crafting/brunch party and make it look effortless?  Julie is a mom to two little girls and the owner of a web-based store, In Good Company- see link to the right), as well as a storefront in Johannesburg, South Africa and soon another in Cape Town. I've begged her to open a store here. She's thinking about it.

Really, she did this...

Makes orange juice so much more appealing...


She has such charming ideas and gets so excited about sharing them, it's infectious. So, I found myself crafting...something I haven't done is a long time. Who knew you could have so much fun with washi tape and glass bottles? Washi tape and clothes pins, washi tape and note cards. Washi tape and twine- no really. Super cute.

I got a little carried away and washi taped my iphone.  I think it looks kind of cool.  Washi tape is made from rice paper (doesn't taste anything like rice if you're curious) and comes in a billion colors.

A few hours later, people began to pack up and leave. I was still lingering. Washi tape and ribbon can be a little addicting... I couldn't resist telling her I met THE Martha Stewart. I've been in her studio and watched her craft. Ate lunch in the employee cafeteria. Soup was good and she was big on composting. About all I remember. Though, when someone says 'that's about all', that's your clue there is probably more but this blog isn't about THE Martha Stewart, it's about Julie. And washi tape.

Our kids (Julie's kids- not Martha Stewart's kid who is all grown up and did that awful show mocking her mother) go to the same school. She asked if Lauren enjoyed a recent trip- a ski trip to the Alps somewhere. I actually lost the email with the address of where they were going. Just hoped she'd show back up eventually. Julie said her school trip in South Africa was to the "bush".  I guess it was awful but in a good way.  I'm not even sure I know what "the bush" means.  And it wasn't "THE bush"; just the bush. I think I will need her to clarify. In eighth grade, we went to a beach in New London, Connecticut. The bush sounds so much more exciting.

Julie also told me about a trip she took to the US six or eight years ago. For the girl who channels Martha Stewart on a regular basis, seeing Michael's craft store and only being allowed to go inside for 20 minutes sounded like pure torture.  She insisted they stop the car when she saw her first Dunkin' Donuts.  American pizza.  Las Vegas! I loved hearing her talk about the US. Just pure enthusiasm.  Honestly, so refreshing. No politics. No comparisons.

Everyone had a good time. About 10 women all from very different backgrounds having a good laugh taping stuff.   


  1. Wow, I'm inadequate. ;)

  2. Have to find this tape! Your phone looks awesome. I have never heard of Washi tape before but always open to new ideas. Glad you had fun!

  3. Tape holds things together.. so it has to be fun!
    Ann Weaver


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