30 Days

A year is a long time. Too long. I want to go home. Just for a little bit.

Sold the useful car.  Going to dust off the Miata.  I'm going to need to learn how to charge the battery and I don't especially care if mice may have chewed the brake lines, I'm driving it anyway.

Then I am getting a cup of coffee. I want a scaldingly hot cup of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. I want to sit in my car and drink it. Except I sold my car, remember? You might be thinking, "Drive the Miata, dummy." Here is why that won't work- too low. Awkward at drive thrus. So, gonna have to borrow someone else's car. Or rent a car. I will do my best not to spill it.

After I get a cup of coffee, I'm going to collect my pets. Hope they have some idea of who I am. I miss the dog sleeping next to me (on the floor that is) and the cat sleeping on my feet. 

Hope they both understand they have a job. And we are all sleeping on the floor this time.

Next is Shady Glen. There are some things in Connecticut that aren't found in Europe. Like Shady Glen cheeseburgers. That is on the list. Maybe hold the burger and just get an order of cheese. Wonder if they do that?

I'd like to take a very long drive. A few hours maybe. Be nice if a lot of it was flat. Nebraska flat. I really get excited when I see flat countryside. I don't know why really. My town isn't flat. Being hemmed in by mountains may have taken a toll.  Most days it's beautiful. I don't realize I miss flat until I see flat. Funny how that works.

I want to order a whole pizza and take it home. Only done that once here. Feels weird. I want to restock my makeup at CVS. I want to spend hours in CVS. So does Lauren. I want to pull weeds and trim the roses and rip out the irises. Invasive beasts.
Not these! These I like. These are called, "Wedding Dress", I think.

New Dawn and Etoile Violette Clematis

Except unless it's a cool summer, it will be hot. I hate gardening when it's hot. Perhaps I will make an exception.

Then I'm calling Lena. I'm all done with this hair color. Lena can fix this.

Lastly, I'm going to make a gigantic pitcher of daiquiris, invite anyone who wants to share, and sit on my back porch. Bring your own chair (and maybe one for me?). The porch furniture is in Switzerland. I will have 29 days left. I am open for suggestions.

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  1. Okay, so besides the pets, you really not missing anything. Dunkin' coffee is still really crappy- whether it is piping hot or iced, the drivers ovber here are still inconsiderate- with or without the hills, the weather will probably be hot- with plenty of sever storms. Okay I will give you the benefit of the doubt on the pizza and the Miata. Have fun anyway- Herb

  2. I miss Target, & ues, Dunkin Donuts too....not so much that the coffee was excellent - but more that convienient pick me up part way through the day....the tiny French expresso cups just don't cut it. I miss Loft, Chicos & Ann Taylor....still trying to figure out which clothing makers here fit the American woman's body. Yes, I miss CVS too...finally found face wash & moisturizer here that I like..but miss what I found at CVS. Are you just going home for a visit? How long are you abroad?

    1. It's just a visit and then we come back. I so need to find a replacement mid-day pick me up...still looking. When you figure the clothes thing out let me know... :-)

  3. I can tell you how the clothes things work...Everything is too danged small here except shoes and purses. We are not big women. Why is everything tight through the shoulders and when it's not, the sleeves go to my knees? I don't get it. Swiss women don't look THAT different.- - Stephanie

    1. Nope, they don't. And since I've had plenty of people start talking to me in German, I'm thinking I look Swiss. Do I look Swiss?


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