Sunday, May 26, 2013


Earlier this week I was moaning and complaining (silently to my fb friends) about spending most of my life waiting in the car for some child somewhere. That evening was particularly long. I feel this one neighborhood in particular, has one hand on the phone ready to call the polizei as I, yet again, get out of my car and start photographing their pets, terraces, and gardens.  I took this picture Friday as I lie in wait...
Wall of Luzern

Hours sitting in the car has me convinced I can feel my ass becoming all misshapen-similar to my attitude. An intervention is required. I need a way to spend quality time alone, in or very near a vehicle.

The "alone" part rules out several ideas. The "vehicle" part a significant number as well. I have no intention of doing anything I have to close my eyes for- such as meditating. I have no desire to become 'one' with any spiritual or cosmic entity. I'm just guessing it involves powers of concentration that I lack (I'd find it hard not to peek desperately hoping to spot whichever child I've been sent to fetch).

I've ruled these out; baking, sewing, and cleaning. Whatever 'it' is, it must be portable, with directions easily grasped. It can't smell, require any electricity, and it would be helpful if it can be accomplished in the dark.

Knitting has occurred to me. However, it lacks a certain association with youth but I haven't ruled it out completely. I do like the idea of producing something. A tangible reminder of hours otherwise lost. I have knit in the past. 24 years ago. I knit two baby sweaters. It took four years to finish the first. The other is still waiting. It's almost done...

Some kind of workout designed especially for car pool moms maybe. Maybe a timed series of tasks? Beat your own time. Or start your own online group- Car Pool Olympics. Like that event Bruce Jenner won before all the Botox and plastic surgery. Except in a car. I see an iPhone app; WAITING4U.

How fast can the third row fold down? Find the directions for installing Blue Tooth in the car manual (extra points when the manual is in another language), install a car seat, find exactly 67 cents, pence, francs,- bonus points for combined currencies. Throw in a few car calisthenics. Tie a jump rope to the door handle...nah, still a person short. How about those stretchy bands?

Maybe this is an impossible task to solve. Maybe waiting in your car for children is to be endured like the 'up all nights' with newborns. Or crossing the George Washington bridge; there's no avoiding it and expect delays.

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