auf Wiedersehen

Dear Switzerland,

It's been a very interesting year.  Despite all the pictures of you on the internet, you look much different in person.  Happily, even better.

However, there are a few things I wish you had told me about before we met. For instance, I think you are really all about the outside. Sure, you shop a little but your heart's not really in it unless it's watches, luxury vehicles, or chocolate. You really shine when it's sunny and warm (that's when I like you best). When you get all cold, it leaves me cold. No offense. 

I also wish you had told me how much of an adrenaline junkie you are.  I might have come better prepared.  Living with you requires all the courage I can muster up.  Not really a good match for a girl with a fear of heights.  But I continue to try. I have sat in revolving gondolas, ridden up mountains on cog wheeled trains, driven up mountains on roads too narrow for comfort, gone alpine sledding, and touched a cow.

The cow obviously doesn't fall into the 'fear of heights' category, rather my 'fear of wild animals' category.  In that sense, we are a perfect match.  I am not afraid of the wild animals you have to offer, especially since you shot the only wild bear.

I also find it interesting Switzerland isn't your real name. That should be cause for alarm but I understand. If my real name was Confoederatio Helvetica, I would call myself Switzerland as well. I confess, I knew how wealthy you were, but didn't let it influence my decision.  But like Cee Lo Green sings, "being in love with your ass ain't cheap".  It's working out though. 

It also might have been helpful to know you are essentially a vegetarian (which is okay by me- just a surprise).  I know you eat a bit of chicken but yogurt seems to be, by far, your favorite food. Mine, too! Now anyway.

It was truly a pleasant surprise to find out we can go nearly anywhere together by rail or bus.  What it lacks in spontaneity, is made up by your reliability.  Fair enough.

It's also nice to know you aren't the jealous type and in fact encourage me to explore other countries.  Italy was a fine host, France was very busy but glamorous.  Germany was friendly and cheap.

I think another year spent with you would be lovely. I hope you feel the same.  I've tried hard to recycle, nearly eliminate red meat, and exercise regularly. I think we have a bright future.

I will be leaving soon but I will be back.  I'm hoping we can go hiking and you can show me where to find edelweiss in the alpine meadows. 

Auf Wiedersehen,



  1. Have a safe trip home and enjoy every moment of your vacation!! As always, I love reading your musings.

  2. Very nice...always interesting being an expat and trying to fit the new culture into our own cultural reality. I found the one year mark made a huge difference...doing everything for the second time was a lot easier. Have a great summer vacation - looking forward to reading more soon!

  3. I was so happy to find another entry here. I know you've been very busy with guests, but I missed your stories. Have a safe flight...see you soon...

  4. Made me smile - as a Swiss expat, I miss outdoor living, outdoor events, getting above the fog, I miss good public transport, I miss the less materialistic/status driven outlook (without compromise on comfort or quality, of course), I miss fruit and vegetables on my plate in restaurants, and I rant about the lousy quality of yogurt in the UK or US.
    Guess I am more Swiss than I care to admit :)

  5. So beautifully written! You have a real talent! xxx


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