Couch to 5K

This may be my first and last blog about running.  One day at a time.  Day 1 C25K- check.
I didn't get run over. No one stopped to take my picture and I didn't have a heart attack.
My fingers are sweaty. Makes typing interesting.  I learned a few things:

Switzerland is hilly. Even where it looks kind of flat.

I should carry ID.

I locked myself out.  Climbed in a window. That earns bonus points.

Your phone might ring. Weird. It might be your daughter wanting a ride home from school.

I should wear different earrings.

Everything else was fine.



  1. lolol Running? Really?? You make me proud with your willingness to try new things! I would take your picture if I was there :-)

  2. Are you training for the Manchester Road Race? If you can RUN in Switzerland you can probably outrun the whole family on Thanksgiving..;-) I missed your happy to read your stories again!!

  3. August 28, 2013 at 3:42am was me!!! ;-) Pearl


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