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I'm still trying the Couch to 5K. I'm on 'Week 2' which is more like 'Week 1'. But I've gotten out three times the first week and twice this week.

The first day was okay. Sweaty and fun. My calves were killing me the next day though. Truthfully, it's been hurting to walk first thing in the morning or after sitting for awhile. My heels are so sore. After a bit, it feels better. So I'm pretty confident it's not a huge deal (despite my late night searches on all things related to pulmonary embolisms- read about that for a few minutes you'll never get on a plane again). I think my 'flip flop all summer into fall' days are over- permanently- which makes me a little sad.

I had always assumed flip flop season ended Labor Day weekend. School year starts-proper shoes required. Then I had a July baby with a maternity leave until Thanksgiving. I kept my flip flops out. I hate socks. I really do. And it was like the endless summer.

My body is telling me no more. Not even the super cute, metallic gray ones with bling. Actually, especially those. One calf feels better. The other is more stubborn.

I'm going out anyway. If I start with excuses now, I will never go. Out I have gone. Icky shorts. Bad hair. Tangled ear buds. Wrong bra. Old sneakers. Cotton socks (guess that's an especially big rookie mistake). After two times, I bought new socks. A third, a bra. A fourth, new sneakers. So delicious. Today I ran my ear bud wires up my back. Helpful. I was sick of always stopping like a dog getting caught in its own leash.
As good as I feel about getting out,  the how I am getting out there is even more fun to me.  I asked a few online friends just a couple of questions and an avalanche of answers came back.  Interestingly, a lot of talk about the right bra.  This is what one friend had to say about it...

"Girl .. . the bra has the potential to be life changing .. didn't think I had a rack until I started running and then decided I needed serious upgrades in that department. Now that the girls are firmly in place, makes the event more enjoyable . I've even found a few that minimize the back fat .... "

I've said it before...I love my friends. She also encouraged mind games.  Just until the next mailbox, driveway, tree, etc.  No mailboxes by the side of the road here.  Driveways aplenty but I counted guardrails along the corn fields. 

Another source of all things running has been a friend from high school turned very serious runner. He puts up with seriously stupid questions and gives thoughtful answers in return. I've known him since I was 14 and if someone had said,

"Jen, in 30 years, you will be living in Switzerland. You will want to try running and Muck will be giving you advice on bras."

I would have said there was a better chance I would be a crack addict with nine kids.

Life has a funny way of giving you the unexpected though. It's beautiful weather here and kids are back to school.  Nearing the end of my slog, I passed the local school with kids out playing beach volleyball for PE and others leaving for an art class al fresco. I still miss high school kids but I took a deep breath and kept going.   Life is all about coping with change and finding substitutions, I suppose.  Lose one routine. Need to find another. The trick is finding positive substitutions.  That's a bit harder.  Working on it. One guard rail at a time.


  1. read a book once happiness project not a great book but one set of advice I did find that to be true.. the happiest people are thoese that have change in their lives.. and embrace it..

  2. Its a process Jen and before you know it you will be running a little better each day. I ran for one reason to prove thzt my 40+ yr old body could do it and then I hung up the running shoes. I never loved it just didnt want to quit. My best advice is find a person who will run with you specfically an avid runner who wants to see you succeed. They are am inspiration and makes those long run go by fast. Transitions are hard but in the end they seem to workout and you are a shining example of that. The happiness project is a great book I read it also maybe you might wa t to read it gives you a whole new perspective on happiness.


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