Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Sock Game (and other ways I entertain myself).

I made up a new game. It came about by accident. But now, I play it every time the opportunity presents itself.

The Sock Game unveiled.

Equipment needed:

1. A complaining family all out of socks.

2. The missing, clean socks. You've been hoarding them.

3. A basket. Any basket large enough for 50-75 socks.

4. A table, bed, or counter.
Goal: To match socks.

I agree, it's simple but great strategy is involved. Clear your counter, bed, table.  Dump all the socks out.  NO REARRANGING PERMITTED.  You must be able to make a match without rifling through the pile looking. The one sock you pick up MUST match the one you're holding. Sort of like JENGA or Pick Up Sticks. It's okay though, to disturb other socks when the chosen one is lifted out.

That's it.

I have had several games to be proud of but just one perfect game. A no hitter even Nolan Ryan would be proud of. I feel a certain kinship with him now.  If we ever meet at a cocktail party, I am ready.  I can understand the elation he must have felt.  It's like we are twins. 

The lineup of socks was superb. Many, many socks that resembled one another save for different colored toes or a stripe at the ankle were in that historic basket. Those socks are used to winning. Requires skill and cunning to beat 30 pairs of white ankle socks.

I also like to guess what time it is in the morning. Switzerland is famous for blinds installed on the exterior of your window. Giant big, industrial ones.

Forget everything you know about blinds you learned in the US. When lowered, they will effectively turn your interior in a cave.

You go to sleep happy (assuming you like the dark, have whiskers, and sonar like a bat- you will need all three to get to the bathroom at 3:00 a.m.). But you wake up confused. You might think it's 7:00 am but it could also be 11:00 a.m. or even 11:00 p.m. Perhaps even a different day entirely.

When we flew back to Switzerland this summer, our flight left JFK on July 29th, I woke up August 2. Those days are LOST. I thought is was no later than August 1st. Imagine my surprise. And now, when I wake up in the morning, I get to guess the time AND the date.

Good times.


  1. Good game Jen! That is a game that could spread like wildfire around the world....every family with and even some without children.. most usually have the game parts at hand! Here I think Laurie has enough game parts to equip a casino. She has two for color and on for


  2. sorry..."drawers" to draw from.. and "one" for "whites"..


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