What's in YOUR suitcase?

We just came back from a week in the US. It wasn't a happy occasion that brought us back but we made the most of it. I'm unpacking the suitcases now. I always find it funny what each of us decides we MUST bring back.

Caroline brought back a new dress. Lots of other new clothes as well, but she doesn't care about them. Just the dress. It's black and white with zebra stripes. She also picked up two ribbons she won in a Pine Wood Derby; one was for "Prettiest Car" and the other was a "Second Place" ribbon. Her absolute must have, won't get on the plane without? Campbell's Chicken Soup.

A friend's daughter is an avid snowboarder and when she found out we live in Switzerland, she was very excited. We invited her to come stay.  I did explain the chicken soup tariff; come and stay- we'd love to have you but the entry fee is payable in chicken noodle soup. She said, "No problem! I make a great homemade soup!"  Poor girl. I'm sure she does, too bad Caroline won't eat it.

Lauren brought back a book (Mary Poppins), lots of new clothes, but most importantly, a bag of Lay's Salt and Vinegar potato chips. She also brought back some soda, birch beer and cream, to give to her friend at school, a tween from Russia- furthering their cross cultural soda exchange.  Lauren was the recipient of a some Russian soda, which we all tasted and thought was pretty cool, at Christmas time.  

Lauren was told the soda was made from bread and carbonated water. Tastes a bit molasses flavored to me.

Doug brought back cocktail sauce.  A very large quantity of cocktail sauce.

And vodka from the duty free shop but I think he considers that medicinal as well as a sleep aid.

I brought back three pairs of shoes, a round brush, aspirin, and my mouth guard. Maybe I should try the vodka.
Barbies enjoying my shoes

Sam had a UPS delivery ten minutes before we left for the  flight home. More computer stuff. Joy sticks and head phones. His was the only suitcase with a note from the TSA that it was inspected. Let's hope that was a coincidence.


  1. I'm sorry you weren't back home for happier reasons.

    I wanted to share that we too have a tariff for staying with us....but that would be Kraft peanut butter and bonus points if you bring Welches grape jam.

    My husband is in California on business. I've taken full advantage of being able to order from Walmart and Target and the hotel front desk is now teasing him about the daily deliveries :) Queen size sheets and sunscreen that doesn't require loan payments here I come!

    Wendy :)

    1. Peanut butter- yes! I never thought of having stuff delivered to the hotel. I've always felt a bit badly about sending him shopping. Thanks!

  2. Very similarly quirky for us. What always topped my wishlist was Mexican chili powder (people would always show/give me chili powder, not understanding why I was so snobby, but Indian chili powder is not anywhere close to Mexican chili powder), ziploc bags, and OB tampons. At least until I had to finally cave and buy the local ones and discovered I actually liked them better. Oh, and a pound of Starbucks coffee beans was always our price of admission. Funnily enough, I still have things that I import to the US as well, even though we've been here (sans the 3 years in South Africa) over 20 years. Among those: Elmex and Aronal toothpaste, and Koelln chocolate muesli.

    1. Elmex toothpaste- I'm a fan now but took awhile! Just reminded me of Elmer's Glue (same colors). I loved Tom's in the US but had it recently and missed the Swiss stuff. Honestly.


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