The Six Minute Car Lecture Series

Today I ate my first kebab.  I thought about it awhile first (the last two years). Passed 500 shops selling kebabs and finally it happened.

It was lunch time- past lunch time actually. I was hungry and tired from a long walk around town running errands; picking up things for guests arriving soon, new rain boots for a girl in the middle of a growth spurt, dropping off dry cleaning, and lastly,buying 50 pounds of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and body wash. Teenagers use a lot of that stuff.  And always, always leave the empty bottles in the shower. 

The Thursday morning drive to school lecture was all about 'Disposing of Empties'.  Car rides are excellent opportunities to lecture.  The topic of the lecture, 'Disposing of Empties' is applicable to so very many things in life. Future room-mates, spouses, co-workers, cell mates will all have me to thank for the very courteous individual with whom they share space.

I wound up my errands to find I was too late to get the good train deals to Milan this summer.  Dejected, I headed for the bus.  But what was that smell? Spicy.  Nope-not the pretzel stand.  One shop over. The kebab shop.

I wandered in.  Kebab meat was being shaved off this giant, rotating kebab spit thing.  Men were lined up 10 deep to order.  I watched. Men with the experience of wrapping 50,000 kebabs could deliver one in 15 seconds flat.  Order. Pay. Choose a topping.  I've got this. It was wrapped with a flourish of aluminum foil reminding me of fancy leftovers wrapped in foil shaped like swans.  Mine wasn't a swan, more like a giant aluminum foil encased tootsie roll.  Cool.

I put it in my bag and headed for the bus. No eating or drinking on the bus. If I were on the train, I could eat a whole picnic- wine included.  I've done it. It's fun.

Dropped my coat on the floor at home. Threw my keys on the table and started in.  I was so delighted, I hardly noticed I was also eating the paper wrapping. 

Texted two friends to extol the delights of 'the kebab'.  Both texted back, "That's drunken food in the UK."  Undeterred, I finished the whole thing.  My only regret is that I'm not 14 and I cannot eat this every day.

Already working on tomorrow's six minute 281st car lecture, "Trying New Foods."


  1. My No. 59 reason for returning to CH: Doner Kebabs! And other gems on the list included No. 5 Good Transport System and no. 11 IKEA.


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