With A Cherry On Top.

Caroline isn't ten yet but will be soon.  I figured she deserved a party. We tried to plan a party last year but it was a no go as too many kids were gone.  Kids all disappear during the summer to places like Germany, England, and Turkey- far from our little neighborhood. Everyone leaves.  Shop keepers shut down, leaving signs in the window announcing they are on vacation.  They bigger ones stay open but many of the independents still take at least a few weeks off. Zug isn't much of a tourist destination (and I am thankful for that) even though it's charming and friendly, it's the bigger cities like Luzern and Bern that tourists flock to leaving Zug to nap the summer away.

We thought we'd try again this year but we got smarter and decided to hold her party before school let out for the summer- the last big bash (turns out it won't be but that event is still in secret planning stages but know this, I am creating a play list of battle music).

We invited all the girls in her class. All five.  Her whole class has nine kids. Then we threw in a few others we especially like and we had a party.  An Oscar party.  She's never seen the award show but she was in as soon as she figured out it would be fancy- make that Fancy with a capital 'F'.

We planned for months. Schemed with visitors to import clothing and decorations from the US.

I went to the local DYI store looking for a base for the Oscar statues.  I don't speak German- she wasn't confident in her English.  So I whipped out my iPhone for a little visual help.  It slipped right out of my hands.  Then the world stopped spinning as we both watched in horror as it fell in slow motion to the tiled floor landing with a horrifying smack. We stared at each other while I held on to her arm.  I bent down to pick it up and flipped it over- sure the face would be shattered in 10,000 pieces.  Not a scratch.  We both sighed. We do speak the same language. I eventually found the supplies I needed and only super glued my dress together once as I prepped the Oscars.
I forgot to buy her shoes, so it became fancy and barefoot.  I started watching the weather. I don't usually care what the weather is going to be...today I cared.  The weather forecast here is NEVER right.  It was calling for thunderstorms.  I worried today would be the day the meteorologists would get their act together.

I bought meters and meters of tulle and then went back for more.  By the way, the art of sewing is alive and well in Switzerland.  There have to be at least four shops in a five minute radius.

Gold stars and pink tablecloths.

Boxes of chocolates wrapped in ribbon. 

I have to admit, I did have the best party planner around whispering stuff like ..."how about a HOLLYWOOD sign?" in my ear and offering to lend additional decorations.

Kids were nominated for Oscars and advised to come ready with an acceptance speech.


Some got very shy and needed to hold Mom's hand while accepting the coveted  award.

One didn't have a speech ready and I offered to help her prepare one.  She said, "I can only speak English (and Romanian and German) but can't I read English."    She deserved an Oscar for that feat alone.

Girls came in their mother's sparkly strappy sandals. One mother came in sparkly sneakers. We had cupcakes and ice cream and sang 'Happy Birthday' in two languages. German goes like this...
"Zum Geburtstag viel Glück!
Zum Geburtstag viel Glück!
Zum Geburtstag liebe Caroline,
Zum Geburtstag viel Glück!"

We took mother and daughter portraits as they waved their goodbyes.

I wanted Caroline to have a party she would enjoy.  You're only 10 once.  Next year she may join her brother and sister and find me very uncool. But as long as she blows me a kiss goodbye every morning, I will throw her any kind of party she wants. With a cherry on top.


  1. You deserve best director, best production design, and best supporting actress. We know who took home best actress!! Great job, Jenn!


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